Friday, November 17, 2023

Little Known Spaghetti Western Actors ~ Robert Beatty

[These daily posts will cover little known actors or people that have appeared in more recent films and TV series. Various degrees of information that I was able to find will be given and anything that you can add would be appreciated.]

Robert Rutherford Beatty was born in Wentworth, Ontario, Canada on October 19, 1909. He was a theater, film, radio and voice actor. He went to school at Delta Collegiate School and graduated with a BA from the University of Toronto before going to England in pursuit of an acting career in 1933. He attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and made his stage debut in a 1938 adaptation of “Idiot’s Delight” where he was actor Raymond Massey’s understudy. Besides working in theater and making films, he was involved with radio beginning in World War II and up until 1993 also in television productions for the BBC. He joined the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. He appeared in many films from 1940 to 1989, including the Academy Award nomination for Best Picture, "Odd Man Out" in 1947, "Against the Wind" in 1948, "Superman III" in 1983, and "Superman IV" in 1987.

He may be best remembered for his 1968 role as Brigadier General George Carnaby in the Clint Eastwood, Richard Burton World War II action film “Where Eagles Dare”.

BEATTY, Robert (Robet Rutherford Beatty) [10/19/1909, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada – 3/3/1992, London, England, U.K. (pneumonia)] – theater, film, radio, TV, voice actor, married four times and had a son. His last wife was named Rosie (19??-1992).

The Spikes Gang – 1974 (sheriff)

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