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European Western Comics - Albo d’oro Audace Il giustiziere mascherato


Albo d’oro Audace – The Masked Avenger

The first three books bear the words Supplemento Audace and the #6/9 are unnumbered. Publishes the Masked Justicer, a series also known as Justicer of the West (GW), which appeared in the weekly magazine Il Cow-Boy (#1/4 reprints, then unpublished episodes). Texts by Gian Luigi Bonelli and Franco Baglioni (#5), drawings by Giorgio Scudellari, G. Schipani and Armando Monasterolo. The last two books publish free stories written by Aurelio Galleppini.

The comic book series was published in 1947-1948 with issue #1 being released on December 24, 1947, and ending with #11 on September 25, 1948. It was published in Milan, Italy by Audace under the direction of Tea Bonelli. Each issue contained 8 black and white pages with color covers.


01 (24.12.47) - “Il giustiziere del West” (GW) (The Avenger of the West)

02 (24.01.48) - “La pista insaguinata” (GW) (The Bloody Trail)

03 (28.02.48) - “La vendetta di Frascuelo” (GW) (Frascuelo's Revenge)

04 (25.04.48) - “La fine di Kid-Wolf” (GW) (The End of Kid Wolf)

05 (12.05.48) - “I banditi del Grand-Canyon” (GW) (The Bandits of the Grand Canyon)

06 (00.00.00) - “L’ombra della forca” (GW) (The Shadow of the Gallows)

07 (00.00.00) - “La valle dei crotali” (GW) (The Valley of the Rattlesnakes)

08 (00.00.00) - “Dan il fuorilegge” (GW) (Dan the Outlaw)

09 (00.00.00) - “Il grande assalto” (GW) (The Great Assault)

10 (05.09.48) - “Il segreto della valle nascosta” (The Secret of the Hidden Valley)

11 (25.09.48) - “L’agguato nella foresta” (The Ambush in the Forest)

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