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Little Known Spaghetti Western Actors ~ Noah Beery Jr.

[These daily posts will cover little known actors or people that have appeared in more recent films and TV series. Various degrees of information that I was able to find will be given and anything that you can add would be appreciated.]

Noah Beery was a familiar face to film and TV viewers for decades. He was born Noah Lindsey Beery in New York City on August 10, 1913. The son of Noah Beery [1882-1946] and nephew of actor Wallace Beery [1885-1949]. He attended Harvard Military Academy but managed to make a number of appearances on film and on stage with his father before adulthood. At age 19, he began playing amiable second leads and occasional leading roles, primarily in westerns, before settling into what would be the pattern for much of his career: good-natured supporting roles, usually as a pal of the hero. He kept going in such parts into his late 70s, transforming slowly into warm (or, rarely, curmudgeonly) rustic sages. In later years, he achieved great renown as the father of the James Garner character on TV's ‘The Rockford Files’ (1974). He married the daughter of cowboy star Buck Jones. Their son Bucklind Beery [1945- ] is an actor. They also had two daughters, Muffett [1940- ] and Melissa [1948- ]. Beery died in Tehachapi, California from cerebral thrombosis on November 1, 1994, at the age of 81.

Noah appeared in only one Spaghetti western and that was as Jack Basset in 1974’s “The Spikes Gang” starring Lee Marvin and Ron Howard.

BEERY, Jr. Noah (aka Noah Beery Jr.) (Noah Lindsey Beery) (8/10/1913, New York City, New York, U.S.A. – 11/1/1994, Tehachapi, California, U.S.A. (cerebral thrombosis)] – film, TV actor, son of actor Noah Beery (Noah Nicholas Beery) [1882-1946]. nephew of actor Wallace Beery (Wallace Fitzgerald Beery) [1885-1949], married to Maxine Jones [1918-1990] (1940–1966), married to Lisa Thorman [1926-2007] (1968–1994) father of Maxine Delmar ‘Muffett’ Beery Haywood [1940-    ], Buckland Noah Beery [1945-    ] Melissa Wallace Beery Brown [1948-    ], stepchildren, Lerena Barbe Kreis [1949-    ], Page Crawford Slattery [1960-    ], Sean Page Slattery [1961-    ], awarded Golden Boot Award [1990].

The Spikes Gang – 1974 (Jack Basset)

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