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Who Are Those Guys? ~ Roberto Dell’Acqua


Roberto Dell’Acqua was another of the Dell’Acqua brothers who were stuntmen and actors in so many of the Spaghetti westerns. He was born on April 16, 1946, and started out his career as a clown and circus acrobat in his parent’s circus. He would later transform this talent into a career as a stuntman in films and television. He also appeared as a supporting actor in over 60 films. Sometimes billed as Robert Stevenson and Leo Widmark he appeared in over 20 Euro-westerns from “Killer Caliber .32” in 1967 to “Buck at the Edge of Heaven” in 1991. The Italian film industry put his natural talents as an acrobat to good us as Robert was usually seen as a saloon and barroom brawler, while playing henchmen soldiers and deputies in most of the westerns he appeared.  Some of his better-known Euro-westerns include “Boot Hill” (1969), “Have a Nice Funeral My Friend” (1970); “Trinity is STILL My Name” (1971); “Shanghai Joe” (1973); “The Son of Zorro” (1973); “Keoma” (1975) and “Buddy Goes West”.

Roberto died on September 16, 2019, at the age of 73.

Dell ACQUA, Roberto (aka Roberto Del Acqua, Roberto Dell'Aqua, Roberto dell'Acqua, Robert Hill, Ridolini,.Robert Stevenson, Leo Widmark) [4/16/1946, Rome, Lazio, Italy – 9/16/2019, Rome, Lazio, Italy] – circus performer, clown, acrobat, stunt coordinator, stuntman, film, TV actor, son circus owners  Fausto Dell'Acqua, Giovanna Huesca,  brother of stuntman, actor  Arnaldo Dell'Acqua [1938-    ], stuntwoman, actress Fern Water (Fernanda Dell'Acqua) [1941-    ], stuntman, film, TV actor Alberto Dell’Acqua [1944-    ], stuntman, actor Ottaviano dell'Acqua [1955-    ], married to Adele Dell’Acqua (19??-2019) father of Alisa Dell’Acqua Larible, Denise Dell’Acqua.

7 Guns for the Mac Gregors – 1965 [stunts]

The Avenger – 1966 [stunts]

Up the MacGregors – 1966 [stunts]

Killer Caliber .32 – 1967 (young man on stagecoach) [as Robert Stevenson]

A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die – 1967 [stunts]

This Man Can’t Die – 1968 [stunts]

Vengeance – 1967 [stunts]

And for a Roof a Sky Full of Stars – 1968 [stunts]

Kill them All and Come Back Alone – 1968 [stunts]

The Man Who Cried for Revenge – 1968

Boot Hill – 1969 (brawler)

Have a Nice Funeral My Friend – 1970 (Piggot brother)

They Call Me Trinity – 1970 (Mormons)

Twice a Judas – 1970 (saloon patron)

The Ballad of Ben and Charlie – 1971 (brawler)

Blazing Guns – 1971

Panhandle Caliber .38 – 1971 (Bullseye Joe henchman)

Return of Sabata – 1971 (McIntock henchman)

Trinity is STILL My Name – 1971 (saloon patron) [stunts]

Two Sons of Trinity – 1971 (monk)

Vendetta at Dawn – 1971 (Dan Benton) [as Leo Widmark]

Alleluia and Sartana, Sons of God – 1972 (blond brawler)

The Return of Halleljah – 1972 (Austrian soldier)

They Called Him Amen – 1972 (saloon brawler)

They Still Call Me Amen – 1972

Trinity & Sartana Those Sons of Bitches – 1972

Anything for a Friend – 1973 (Muller/Miller/Mulieta henchman)

Carambola – 1973 (Clydeson henchman)

The Man Called Invincible – 1973 (Lash)

Shanghai Joe – 1973 (Smitty)

The Son of Zorro – 1973 (Don Ricardo Villaverde/Zorro) [as Robert Widmark]

The Return of Shanghai Joe – 1974 (Barnes’ henchman)

Keoma – 1975 (Caldwell henchman)

California – 1977 [stunts]

Buddy Goes West – 1981 (waiter) [stunts]

Buck at the Edge of Heaven – 1991 (deputy)

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