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Spaghetti Western Trivia ~ Victor Mature in a Spaghetti western?

 Producer Sues Victor Mature for $1.1 Million

Los Angeles Times

December 8, 1964


Producer Sues Victor Mature for $1.1 Million

     Screen actor Victor Mature was accused Monday in a $1,175,000 damage suit of getting himself a free trip to Europe by falsely promising that he would work in a film to be shot in Spain.

     The accusation was made in a suit filed in Superior Court by producer Sidney Pink, who said last June 29 Mature agreed to play a role in the film “Finger on the Trigger,” beginning July 8.

     Pink said he gave the actor a round trip ticket to Madrid but arriving in France, Mature wen to London. The producer added that after he finally found Mature and induced him to go to Madrid, the actor arrived with a friend, Fred Carson, and insisted that Carson be put on the payroll as his double at $100 a day.

     He met this and other increasing demands, Pink complained, until he finally concluded that Mature had no intention of working in the film but accepted the tickets and expense money for the free trip.

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