Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Fistful of Zombies


A Fistful of Zombies – English title


A 2012 Spanish short film production [VooR Productions (Madrid)]

Producer: Roberto Julio Alamo

Director: Roberto Julio Alamo

Story: Roberto Julio Alamo

Screenplay: Roberto Julio Alamo

Animation: Roberto Julio Alamo [color]

Music: Eastern Blues, Vivaldivivace, Millenium, Duel Interlude, Clint Eastwood Mola

Running time: 11 minutes



Drake – Roberto Julio Alamo

Skul Cowboy – Roberto Julio Alamo

Father Damian - Roberto Julio Alamo

In a desolate world, only one man can survive without fear…Cowboy Drake is a bounty hunter who rides on the back of his old black stallion, Tombstone, hunting down thugs, outlaws and Zombies. In the past, an outlaw murdered his family, and Drake vows revenge. The heartless cowboy dark reaches of the Valley of Death, in which we hear strange stories. This time Drake will have to overcome a very tough time to survive. When the going gets tough… it’s time to kill zombies.

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGUB5d9SPT4


[Submitted by Gary Williams]

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