Thursday, February 24, 2022

Karel Gott Zdvorily Woody

 Here’s a 1963 music video sung by Czech singer actor Karel Gott






Karel Gott: Zdvorilý Woody – Czechoslovakian title


A 1963 Czechoslovakian Television Music Video [Ceskoslovenská Televize (Prague)]


Directors: Ján Rohác,Vladimír Svitácek

Story: Ján Rohác,Vladimír Svitácek

Screenplay: Ján Rohác,Vladimír Svitácek

Cinematography: Jan Nemecek [black & white]

Music: Jirí Slitr

     Song: Zdvořilý Woody” sung by Karel Gott

Runing time: 5 minutes


Story: A well-mannered young cowboy Woody introduces himself to the herd of cows he’s going to take care of



Woody – Karel Gott


YouTubr link:


[Submitted by Mike Ferguson]

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