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Who Are Those Composers ~ Franco Zauli


Franco Zauli was born in Rome on December 23, 1923. Driven by his family, at the age of six he began to play the piano, later after graduating from the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome; despite his classical training, in the 1940s he began his career as an accompanist pianist in magazines, working among others with Wanda Osiris and Erminio Macario. At the end of the decade he began playing in some jazz groups, an activity that he will carry on in various formations in the following decades.


In 1952 he enrolled in SIAE and began to compose songs, some of great success such as In Rome is always spring (with text by Pino Cassia, with whom he won the Velletri Festival in 1958), If you want to go go or Suspiranno nu nomme (quest 'last particularly appreciated by the American actress Esther Williams during her stay in Rome in 1955); over the years he composed over three thousand songs and film music (including some spaghetti westerns such as Alleluja and Sartana sons of ... God); however, he continued his activity as a pianist, accompanying Bruno Venturini among others


In 1965 he wrote for I Grisbi Ti graffio , on text by Danpa and the following year the group of Gegè Novi participated in Un disk for the summer with a song written by Zauli, Tell me child; in 1967 he wrote for the beat group The Richard's Vado per le vie del mondo, with lyrics by Pinchi and S. Censi.


In 1970 he collaborated with Gian Piero Reverberi, with whom he wrote the music for Il pescatore, brought to success by the author of the text, the singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André; in the same year he writes the music of In un solo momentoUna parole , L'incertezza and è Late by now for the Flashmen (in collaboration with Mario Scrivano and Italo Salizzato, with texts by the brothers Giorgio and Domenico Serengay).


In 1972 he participated in Un disco per estate with Militare non depart, sung by Gianna Pindi.

He works as a music consultant for many record companies, including CGO , Belldisc , Produttori Associati , Kansas and the various labels of the Saar group.


In the 1980s he assumed important roles in the corporate bodies of Siae. He continued to work with the same passion as always until a few days before a sudden illness. He died of intestinal infarction.

ZAULI, Franco (aka JayfieldLicratePanesisRaflinRoymanTiagran) [12/23/1923, Rome, Lazio, Italy – 5/28/2006, Rome, Lazio, Italy (intestinal infarction)] – composer, songwriter, musician (piano), member of the Jayfield Orchestra.

Alleluia and Sartana, Sons of God – 1972 (co)


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