Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Magnificent Stranger

 Magnificent Stranger – International title


A 2020 Swedish film production [Galactic Destruction (Stockholm)]

Producer: Susan Bubach, Michael Carrithers, Kent Malmevik, Holden McNeil

Director: Holden McNeil

Story: Holden McNeil

Screenplay: Holden McNeil

Cinematography: Sakib Nazmus

Music: Ella Bergstrรถm

Running time: 15 minutes



The Killer – Michael Carrithers

Lei – Ying Hui Fu

Dollar Belle – Victoria Hogan

Bessie the Beast -Eva Larvoire

Maria – Wendy Rosas

Minnie the Menace – Issy Stewart

Chico – Dashiell Victoria

Daisy – Demet Dereliolu

A gang of outlaw cowgirls bury their former leader after a train robbery gone wrong. Then a stranger appears wanting to join their gang, or at least trade her the killer for the corpse.

Entire film

[Submitted by Gary Williams]

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