Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Who Are Those Guys? – Giovanni Cianfriglia (Ken Wood)

Giovanni Cianfriglia was born in Anzio, Lazio, Italy on April 5, 1935. He is an actor and stuntman who while still very young made an appearance as a stunt double for Steve Reeves in “Le fatiche di Ercole” (Hercules) in 1958, a role he was entrusted with for his handsome body and athletic ability. His main activity in the world of cinema was nevertheless that of an actor: in fact he’s acted in over 125 films in Italy, France and the U.S.A. under the direction of dozens of directors including Sergio Corbucci, Michele Lupo, Enzo G. Castellari and Umberto Lenzi, working on films of many genres, including several films with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. He has often been credited with pseudonyms including Ken Wood and John Richmond. His brother Domenico is also an actor and stuntman (he was covered last week), often appearing in his brother's films. Giovanni became one of the most recognizable faces as a supporting actor in the Italian western genre. Still active he more recently worked on the Ben Stiller comedy sequel "Zoolander No. 2" (2016).

CIANFRIGLIA, Giovanni (aka Giovanni Cianfrilla, Giovanni Gianfriglia, Phil Karson, John Richmond, Jody Wanger, Ken Wood) [4/5/1935, Anzio, Lazio, Italy -     ] – stuntman, film, TV actor, brother of cameraman, stuntman, actor Domenico Cianfriglia.
The Relentless Four – 1965 (deputy)
The Tramplers – 1965
5 Giants from Texas – 1966 (Jesus/Indios)
Ringo and His Golden Pistol – 1966 (Sebastian) [as Ken Wood]
Ballad of a Gunman – 1967 (gambler)
If You Want to Live... Shoot! – 1967 (Stark) [as Ken Wood]
Killer Kid – 1967 (Ramirez) [as Ken Wood]
Bury Them Deep – 1968 (Billy Gunn) [as Ken Wood]
Kill Them All and Come Back Alone – 1968 (Blade) [as Ken Wood]
No Graves on Boot Hill – 1968 (Reno) [as Ken Wood]
Three Crosses Not to Die – 1968 (Reno) [as Ken Wood]
Two Guns and a Coward – 1968 (Roy Elroy) [as Ken Wood]
Adiós, Sabata – 1970 (Austrian agent)
Amen – 1970 [as Ken Wood]
Durango Is Coming, Pay or Die - 1970 (stagecoach robber)
The Unholy Four – 1970 (
Wanted Sabata – 1970 (Mexican)
Blindman – 1971
Django... Adios! - 1971 (Spirito Santo henchman)
Drummer of Vengeance – 1971 (Blackie) [as Ken Wood]
A Man Called Django! – 1971 (Jeff henchman)
Return of Sabata – 1971 (McIntock henchman)
Bada alla tua pelle Spirito Santo! - 1972 (Garibaldino) [as Ken Wood]
The Ballad of Ben and Charlie – 1972 (casino bouncer)
The Grand Duel – 1972 (
Gunmen and the Holy Ghost – 1972 (Il Garibaldino) [as Ken Wood]
Life Is Tough, Eh Providence? – 1972 (The Challenger) [as Ken Wood]
Man of the East – 1972 (saloon patron)
Return of the Holy Ghost – 1972 (‘Il Garibaldino’) [as Ken Wood]
Sentence of God – 1972 [as Ken Wood]
Where the Bullets Fly – 1972 (
You're Jinxed, Friend You've Met Sacramento – 1972 (Murdock henchman)
Blood River – 1973 (Indian)
Keoma – 1975 (Caldwell henchmen) [as Ken Wood]
Buddy Goes West – 1981 (Jack Bold) [stunts]
America in Rome – 1998 [himself]
Denn sie kennen kein erbarmen - Der Italowestern (TV) – 2005 [himself] 

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