Thursday, March 29, 2018

Who Are Those Guys? ~Giuseppe Castellano

Giuseppe Castellano was born in Italy probably in the late 1930s. His red hair and square face always with a scowl began to appear in films starting in 1966 as a character actor in many films of different genres, until the early 1980s. Among his most important roles were in “Caliber 9” (1972) directed by Fernando Di Leo, “Almost Human” (1974) by Umberto Lenzi and “The Bird with the Crystal Plumage” (1970) by Dario Argento.

In his 18 Euro-western appearances he is easily recognized in supporting an character roles as a henchman, bartender or hired thug. For some reason he was credited as Thomas Kerr in 1970s “Adiós, Sabata”

Beginning in 1970 Castellano started working behind the scenes and was a production secretary on 1970’s “When the Bell Tolls”. He disappeared after this only to reappear in 2010 shortly before his death working in the wardrobe department and a small role “Sono cavoli amari” which wasn’t released until 2011.

CASTELLANO, Giuseppe (aka Giuseppe Castellani, G. Castellano, Thomas Kerr) [19??, Italy – 3/1/2010, Italy] – film, TV actor.
Beyond the Law – 1967 (red-bearded miner)
Born to Kill – 1967 (Dodge henchman)
The Dirty Outlaws – 1967 (one-armed Confederate soldier)
Django, the Last Killer – 1967 (Barrett henchman)
Pecos Cleans Up – 1967 (‘El Supremo’ henchman)
Poker With Pistols – 1967 (Masters' henchman)
The Son of Django – 1967
Ciccio Forgives…I Don’t – 1968 (sheriff)
Death Rides a Horse – 1968 (sheriff)
Gun Shy Piluk – 1968 (blacksmith)
A Hole in the Forehead – 1968 (padre)
Adiós, Sabata – 1970 (Graduato) [credited as Thomas Kerr]
Gunman in Town – 1970 (Warden Hanson)
Drummer of Vengeance – 1971 (Deputy Bill Jenkins)
The Last Traitor – 1971 (Slim)
The Price of Death – 1971 (Grant)
Return of Sabata – 1971 (priest)
Macho Killers – 1977 (Ross)

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