Friday, March 9, 2018

Honorary Award Golden Ox for Henry Hübchen

"Tashunka Witko" was betrayed and died. Tokei-ihto must not die. "These pathetic words are spoken by the young Dakota Indian Hapedah in the legendary Defa movie" The Sons of the Great Bear "(1966). You have to look very closely to see in this young warrior with his Tomahawk the actor Henry Hübchen. After all, he hinted even then how versatile he is.

"Henry Hübchen is one of the great experts in his field. He balances masterfully on the ridge between humor and tragedy. As an actor, he is characterized by his great openness, sensitivity and ingenuity, and with his gruff charm and his talent for slapstick, he plays in the hearts of the audience, "said Volker Kufahl, head of the film art festival MV, the Hübchen this year distinguished with the honorary prize golden ox.

The list of his films is hard to miss - from his first, just that Indian film with Gojko Mitic, to the movie "Scouts of Peace", which was released in 2017. The five "police call 110" consequences as Schweriner Kriminalhauptkommissar Tobias Törner on the side of Uwe Steimle not to be forgotten.

In general, the Urberliner Henry Hübchen (70) connects much with the north.

At the Anklam Theater, the graduate of the Berlin drama school "Ernst Busch" met the later cult director Frank Castorf, under whom he later worked at the Volksbühne. Again and again he turned to the Baltic Sea, u. a. in Binz 2009 in Andreas Dresens tragicomedy "Whiskey with vodka". Last but not least was Hübchen in 1980 and 1981 East German champion in "board sailing", as surfing was then called, one of which he ersegelte on the lake Schwerin.

With his still boyish charm, his Berlin breeziness and his inimitable comedy, Henry Hübchen has played in the GDR and in the then larger Germany in the hearts of directors and spectators.

For his figure of the unemployed former GDR sports reporter and gambler Jaeckie Zucker, who wants to get hold of an inheritance in "Alles auf Zucker!" With a seven-day mourning period according to Jewish tradition, Hübchen received the 2005 German Film Award.

This comedy will be shown together with four other of his films in homage to this year's Film Art Festival MV (May 1-6) in Schwerin. Henry Hübchen himself will receive the Golden Ox Award at a gala on 5 May.

With "Jakob the Liar" (1974) was Hübchen and the film team ever nominated for a gold boy - in the Oscars in the category best foreign language film.

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