Wednesday, March 28, 2018

RIP Oleg Anofriev

Russian film and voice actor and singer Oleg Anofriev died March 28th in Moscow. He was 87. Born Oleg Andreevich Anofriev in Gelendzhik, North Caucasus Krai, R.S.F.S.R., U.S.S.R. on July 20, 1930, Oleg appeared in more than 50 films. The most famous of them were “Scarlet Sails”, “Midshipmen, Forward!” And “Man from the Boulevard des Capucines.” He was most famous for lending his voice to cartoons. His voice was spoken by the characters of the “Bremen Musicians”, “Tales of the Priest and His Worker Balda” and “How the Lion and the Tortoise Sang a Song”, as well as King Louis in the Russian dubbing of the Disney’s “The Jungle Book.” Anofriev also sang one of the most famous Soviet children’s songs and the title theme “Good Night, Kids” – “Sleeping Tired Toys.”

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