Sunday, March 11, 2018

Tequila & Boom Boom

Tequila & Boom Boom  -
Приключения Текилы и Бум-Бума – Russian title

A 1995 animated video game [Dynabyte (Rome)]
Producer: Ludomedia
Director: Alessandro Belli
Story: Paolo Costabel
Animation: Alessandro Barbucci, Paola Laterza, Vito Lo Russo [color]
Music: Marco Caprelli

Cast of characters:
Tequila - The American Lynx, Boom Boom  - Grizzly Bear, Mr. E. Vyle - The Coyote,  Melissa Adam – Porcupine, - Wanda Paraise - A Pussycat, Heron the musician - Heron – Heron, Mr. Mole – Mole, John  Good- Puma, Barnaba – hound, Burt Rockheart – Wolf, Brutus – Boar,
Mr. Smith – Horse, Mr. Horson – Horse, Mr. Johnathan Adam - Porcupine, Mr. Mortimer - Vulture - Mr. Mortimer’s son – Vulture,  - Barber -  Hedgehog, Fly – Fly, Gambler – Fox, Henry the Clerk – Bullfrog, Timothy – Porcupine

This was a funny, animated Wild West adventure featuring anthropomorphic animals. An outlaw lynx named Tequila visits a small western town called Stinky Town to see his old grizzly friend Boom Boom who believes that the hills above town hide gold.

Although the game was only released in Italy, a fully voiced English version of the game does exist and can be found on-line. This is because the game was suppose to be released world-wide but failed to find an international distributor.


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