Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A castle of Cabo de Gata Almeria, for sale on the internet former GBU site.

The castle is for sale for three million euros, it was renovated in 1977 to make it a livable residence.

La Razon
By Miguel Martín
February 24, 2018

In the natural park Cabo de Gata-Níjar is located 'El Playazo' of Rodalquilar, a beach guarded since the eighteenth century by the military battery of San Ramón, a fortress declared of Cultural Interest that is now for sale for three million euros on the Internet.

"Two lounges, kitchen, patio with access to pool, Arab cistern and battery of four guns for possible although unlikely piratical attacks" is the announcement posted on Twitter by the realtor Bernardó, who has also put the "sell" poster on other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Carlos III ordered in 1764 the construction of the fortress that had the objective of defending the gold resources of the Mines of Rodalquilar against the attacks of the Berber pirates.

A defensive mission of which some fifty men were responsible, who rarely left the fortification and who had the support of a battery of four guns, of which two are still preserved in the castle of San Ramón, explains Maite. Linares and Alberto Morales, responsible for the Los Patios hotel and two of the owners, during a visit to the building.

The fortress, after the War of Independence, was occupied alternately by people without shelter and different police bodies until in 1875 it was alienated by the State and acquired by a private person for 1,500 pesetas.

With a huge part of its towers and walls demolished, it was acquired by a second private proprietor and  a third particular, an architect who in 1977, undertook the necessary works to turn it into habitable residence.

This technician segmented and conditioned the interior spaces, and endowed the fort with the corresponding supplies of light -by solar panels- and running water -which comes from the farm's own spring- to be able to count on reliable energy and water resources for spending long seasons in 'El Playazo',

Currently the building is in the hands of a community formed by about fifty owners, including Maite and Alberto, who remember that, despite its peculiarities and being of good cultural interest, the military battery of San Ramón it is still private property located in a "location of incredible coves and wonderful views in the middle of the natural park".

Although it is true that they recognize that it has some particularities since the monument itself presents the same consideration in terms of use as any other house in Rodalquilar, its character of cultural interest requires the property to ensure its proper conservation.

In fact, the Junta de Andalucía also claims that according to the Heritage Law a schedule of visits is established, although "containment of expenditure" has declined to acquire strength, as sources from the regional government have confirmed to Efe.

In addition, recently the Andalusian Ombudsman has asked the Board for information on the state of conservation of eleven properties of Cabo de Gata, including the San Ramón battery that is now for sale along with between five and six hectares of land annex of the property.

Be that as it may, the owners assure that the maintenance of the military battery of San Ramón is guaranteed and they opt for a private use as a home for this fortification, although they also remember that it has already been the setting chosen to host wedding celebrations and all kinds of events facing the sea.

This was the building which when it was in disrepair was used as the Confederate hospital where Angel Eyes went to and found out information where Bill Carson may have been taken as a prisoner of the Northern Army. He was provided the information by a Confederate sergeant played by Victor Isreal. This scene has been cut out of most release of the movie.

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