Friday, August 18, 2017

Winnetou fan gets special visit
By Birgit Schwarzenberger

When the world famous film music sounds, many still get goose bumps. Winnetou aka Pierre Brice still has a huge fan base after his death on June 6, 2015. In a trailer in Ohlstadt lives: Josef Reißl.

Ohlstadt - Josef Reißl has collected since 1962 the memories of Pierre Brice and with great deatail how much love he had for the man and the character of Winnetou. Everything is displayed in a special room of his house, the widow of the popular Karl May hero was overwhelmed. "I have not seen anything like this before," said Hella Brice, overwhelmed and almost reverently quiet on her visit to the Kirchstrasse.

When Rei had showed her a photo at the last fan meeting in Croatia, where the late actor as Winnetou can be seen on a huge poster on his house wall, she had become curious. First of all, the church tower was to be seen right next to it. Where is such a thing possible, Hella Brice wanted to look at it closely. Since the widow who is still living on her French estate is already on the road and has siblings are spread around, she accepted the invitation to a joint white sausage meal. Your estate administrator Michael Lehberger from Zurich, a friend and the sister from Aidling joined the visit, as well as Ohlstadt mayor Christian Scheuerer.

Everyone was amazed at what Reißl has brought together in his small exhibition space: countless posters - some of them coveted by collectors – complete with film music, many hand-signed books and memoirs from meetings with Karl May stars to stones from the original -Drehorten. Of course the celebrated Starschnitte from the "Bravo" of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand cannot be missed. A special testimony to this passion is the self-designed booklet, in which, in 1963/64, everything was typed on a typewriter and documented with pictures, which he could find in the magazine Bravo about Winnetou. "Now we see you finally face to face" - 1962 with these introductory words of the Karl May film of the "The Treasure in the Silbersee" sparked the spark.

"When Pierre Brice and Lex Barker came rushing in with their horses, it was happening all around me," the Ohlstädter fan told me. In 2004, Reißl completed a big dream and drove to the important shooting location on the Tulove Grede. He also visited the film festivals in Bad Segeberg and Dasing as often as he likes. For several years now he has been traveling with his wife, who supports his passion, to the regular meetings of the fans to Croatia. "Live your dream", is the motto of the fan base.

Meeting the church keeper again with their visit of the guests was fulfilled. Hella Brice also expressed her great pleasure: "It is an honor for me to see all of this, I so connected with Pierre. His soul is immortal, and through these memories one can live with him."

If you would like to take a look at Josef Reißl's comprehensive collection, you are welcome to call 08841/4877833. It is worth it.

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