Saturday, August 5, 2017

RIP Bruno Canfora

 RIP Bruno Canfora. The famous Italian orchestra conductor, Bruno Canfora, died August 3rd. He was 92, in his Tavernelle home where he lived for a long time with his family. Born in Milan, Italy on November 6, 1924, Canfora was a part of the history of Italian TV, in particular the television variety programs from the 1960's onwards, until 1995, his last appearance in the TV program Papaveri and Papere. He was the conductor for the RAI orchestra for numerous programs such as Studio Uno, Senza rete, Sabato Sera  and Premio Italia. Canfora was also a songwriter who worked with such pop singers as Mina, Rita Pavone and the Kessler Twins. He was also the orchestra conductor for the Eurovision Song Festival as well as a film composer. His lone Euro-western was “The Last of the Mohicans” (1965) a joint effort with Francesco Lavagnino.   

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