Friday, August 4, 2017

Once Upon a Time Part 3: The Incredible Police, Absolute Law (Part I)

By Andrea Girolami

Raise your hand as one if any of you remembers the extraordinary and amazing initial pursuit between the police car and the ambulance in the film (with the amazing soundtrack of De Angelis Brothers) "La polizia incrimina, la legge assolve" ?? Well ... guys ... I was there! Ah??!! Yes! I was there. Then, I was three and I almost remember everything .... When I left with my mother for Genoa .... and when we got to the set ... but it was not a normal set ... inside the classic show theater ... or in a "closed" room. The set was on the way .... I remember surrounded by so many people ... to make us understand .... A "Circus Togni".

The Italian social and economic period during filming is not quiet. The voltage is very high. The first kidnapping of the Red Brigades .... We have an Italy that secretly runs its many capitals overseas, a government that issues the "austerity" law. I still have my mother's bike ... which we used during the famous "Domeniche a piedi ". A drawer with a tray of the souvenirs....

Dad told me many years back that the killing of Commissioner Calabres in Milan in 1972 was the initial inspiration for writing the film. The "action / social / author" cinema, virtually all of our cinema begins to be influenced by historical events ... The movie of the lead years begins.

Let's go back to my story: I was present during the shooting of the end ... when the ambulance "snatches" and ... is struck by the mythical and beautiful Police Julia (with Franco Nero) ... and soon afterward the spectacularly continued pursuit ... The shooting of that specific sequence was shot next to the "Covo di Nord Est" restaurant in Santa Margherita Ligure .. I must tell you the truth ... I did a little research There are several sites where you can find the movie sets ... Of course I do not remember the exact address ...

But why do I remember that sequence so much? Because I remember the restaurant. During the lunch break we all went to eat at the "North East Cove"!!! With a beautiful view of the sea.
My Mom that day !!! I still hear the sound of the sirens and the horns .... The smell of the tires .... My dad has the habit of reshooting the same scene several times.... Then use the material shot at the editing stage....

Today I see all the famous stuntmen that are ready to leave ... they are all "media" dressed up ... just the top - what you see in the movie. Everyone is careful ... I look at the real police who start blocking that stretch of road ... During the shooting of the film, the police helped Dad very much. The immense availability of police and men. An unprecedented collaboration. Excellent professional assistance and mutual esteem .... Especially with the "Uncommon Commissioner", Dr. Santillo .... Dad told me about his two famous chrome guns! A myth. A real character. Respected by all, even by criminals. A little extra: the office of Franco Nero - used in the film - was his real office. Every now and then he went in to take some papers ... and asked if he could help ...! What moments!

Dad has chosen a new city in a cinematic landscape of innovative action. Genoa. Why? For its immense architectural beauty. A real urbanistic show in a seaport context ... City that will be used many times by many other directors ... even from my uncle Romulus ("La polizia è al servizio del cittadino?") .... I turn around and hear many voices and I see so many people screaming ... In 1973 there are no walkie talkie or cellular phones... then they all squeaked ... Then ... suddenly: the total silence. Everyone is ready. Cars are in their place ... I hear the engines roaring their power ... I see the great Rémy Julienne concentrate with his foot on the accelerator pedal ...
"Ciak ... - done"
"Enzo. Ready "
I feel my dad rattling with the megaphone: "ACTION !!!!!".
And away - the magic.
The magic of the most beautiful pursuit of Italian film history. Guys ... I'm right there !!!
See these great men ... perform with a great passion a very dangerous scene .. It's great !!! Unbelievable! Simplicity and collaboration ... They are great. Rémy will then be called very often in Italy to perform other spectacular stunts sequences ...
I hear "STOP !!!"
Everyone is stuck. The operator must check. No hair! .... All happy. Rémy is at seventh heaven. My dad congratulates him and everyone else. He is immensely happy. The beautiful cars? They are taken away with the wagon ... I'm ... I'm small and I understand little and nothing - but then everything will be taught and explained ... .. But for now guys, I'm having fun like a fool! I have the cinema in front of me. I'm surrounded by Cinema. I do not have to go to Cinema to see the cinema ... I'm in the Home Cinema.

That day I really remember everything. The police car striking the ambulance ... the mythical stunts ...... the road all for us, the set full of people .... The tools, the machines ... But it will not be the last. I stay in Genoa for a few days .... Other experiences soon await me ...

But then, you ask ... what does the photo I have attached to this episode? Simple Watson. It was taken to Genoa while filming ... the two "blond" kids ... one of them is me (the one with long hair) and the other is Carlo Gabriel. The son of Franco Nero .... And the girls are the daughters of Mickey Knox (the dialog-coach of the film). Behind me is sitting my sister .... In all future films (Nero-Castellari). I will always have Carlo as a friend on the set .... How many adventures we have lived together. Especially in Cozumel ...

Next ... with affection

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