Friday, August 4, 2017

RIP Ty Hardin

Orison Whipple Hungerford III aka Ty Hardin died during the evening of August 3rd. He was 87. Ty was known to millions as Bronco Layne from the hit Warner Bros. TV series Bronco which ran from 1958-1962. When Clint Walker, star of the Cheyenne TV series, went on strike he was replaced by Bronco and when Clint reached an agreement with Warner Brothers and returned to the air Bronco and Sugarfoot starring Wil Hutchins were seen in a rotating format from week to week. Ty went on to make eight Euro-westerns and told several of us at Festival of the West in Scottsdale that he was another of the long list of actors who was offered the role of ‘The Man With No Name’ but turned down the role. After his Italian career he returned to the US and appeared at film festivals and TV films. After difficulties with the IRS, Hardin founded an anti-tax movement in Prescott. In 1982 the movement became the Arizona Patriots. Ty was living in Huntington Beach, California and had been suffering from Alzheimer’s for the past few years.


  1. Yes he has passed...He is my father inlaw and I can confirm his passing.

  2. Thank you for the confirmation. Since we've seen no news obits people have questioned Ty's passing. Condolences to you and your family. As Bronco Tys was part of many of our childhoods. I met and talked with him twice over the years and he was always treat. RIP and thanks for the the fun and good memories.

  3. I loved him as " Stock " in Merrills Marauders " with the great Jeff Chandler.