Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cjamango celebrates 50th Anniversary

50 years ago “Cjamango” premiered in Rome, Italy. Cjamango has won a sack of gold in a poker game from a Mexican bandit. His winnings are soon taken when he is attacked by the gangs of El Tigre and Don Pablo. He is injured but nursed back to health by Perla and her brother Little Manuel. Meanwhile Don Pablo and El Tigre fight amongst themselves over the stolen gold. When Cjamango is well enough to ride he tracks them down and tries to pit one gang against the other. To complicate matters a black-clad whisky seller named Clinton becomes part of the battle. In the end a final shootout settles the matter and the whisky salesman turns out to be a Pinkerton detective.

The film was a big hit and led to a sequel and spawned several clones.

Cjamango – Italian title
Cjamango – Brazilian title
Cjamango - O Vingador – Brazilian title
Кджаманго – Bulgarian title
Les deux pistolets de Chiamango – French title
Django – Kreuze im blutigen Sand – German title
Cjamango – Greek title
Cjamango, o vingador – Portuguese title
La codicia del botin – Spanish title
Blodshamnaren-Cjamango – Swedish title
Cjamango – Turkish title
Cjamango – English title

A 1967 Italian production [CIO Film, Intercontinental Productions (Rome)]
Producer: Vincenzo Musolino
Director: Edward G. Muller (Edoardo Mulargia)
Story: Glenn Vincent Davis (Vincenzo Musolino)
Screenplay: Glenn Vincent Davis (Vincenzo Musolino), Fabio Piccioni
Cinematography: Vitaliano Natalucci [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Felice Di Stefano
Running time: 90 minutes

Cjamango - Sean Todd (Ivan Djrassimovic)
Perla Hernandez - Hélène Chanel (Hélène Stoliaroff)
Clinton - Mickey Hargitay (Miklos Hargitay)
Don Pablo - Livio Lorenzon
El Tigre/Taylor - Piero Lulli (Giusva Lulli)
Manuel Hernandez - Giusva (Giuseppe Fioravanti)
Mexican gambler - Pedro Sanchez (Ignacio Spalla)
Hernandez - Bill Jackson (Vincenzo Musolino)
Sancho - Nino Musco
Sancho’s friend - Salvatore Campochiaro
Don Pablo henchman - F. Coplan (Fabio Coplan)
Johnny - Ivan Scratuglia
El Tigre henchmen - Rick Boyd (Federico Boido), S. Sagnotti (Sergio Sagnotti), Michele Branca, Amerigo Castrighella, Enrico Chiappafreddo
Paco - Remo Capitani (Renato Capitani)
Danny – Dino Strano
Guitarist - Asaynoa Runachagua
With; G. Sabbatini (Giorgio Sabbatini)

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