Sunday, November 20, 2016

New Book Release

Enzo Castellari: Il bianco spara!
Publisher: Bloodbuster
Language: Italian
Pages: 608
ISBN-10: 8890898658
Available: November 20, 2016

The life of the Italian master of action cinema is finally told ... Enzo G. Castellari was one of the initiators of the Italian police film; He rejuvenated the spaghetti western; he sought a personal way to the post-atomic 80s ... but mostly he taught so many fellow directors how to turn action films into an international box office smash. He’s had a long successful, professional meeting exceptional people and incredible episodes, solemn and difficult moments, but always exciting. The man of passion explodes. Reading the autobiography of Enzo Castellari is addictive like watching one of his films, because it has the same style, blunt, direct, no frills. And it's nice how the long story of his career is punctuated by the equally long story of his love for his wife Mirella, who he’s known since he was very young in the place he loves the most in the world. Enzo is the son of art and has always lived in the world of the cinema. That of the Girolamis a dynasty of film people, started thanks to Anna Magnani ... how? You'll find out. It's all in this book. Preface by Franco Nero

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