Monday, November 21, 2016

European Western Comic Books ~ Wyatt Doyle

Wyatt Doyle was a bounty hunter in the old West and it was a single issue of the Collana RODEO series number 131.

Written by Giancarlo Berardi, illustrated by Gianni Forgiarini in 1978. Consisting of 96 pages. It was republished as a stand-alone 112 page book in 2000.

Giancarlo Berardi was born in Genoa on November 15, 1949. He made his debut in the comics working, among other things, a number of "Tarzan", "Eve" and "Diabolik". After graduation, he fully devotes to comics and writes stories for "The Little Ranger", "Cursed Earth" and "Wyatt Doyle", which are published in the “Rodeo” comic book series. "Tiki", his first series in tandem with artist Ivo Milazzo, was done in 1976, followed in 1977 by Ken Parker, his most successful character, exported to thirteen countries worldwide. The same year "Welcome to Springville", which is drawn by the designer Renzo Calegari. Next are "The Man of the Philippines" and Marvin detective. In 1986 he dramatized episodes of "Sherlock Holmes", illustrated by Giorgio Trevisan. So he writes "Oklahoma!", A spin off story from the Tex series, an episode of Nick Raider (the number 18: "Mosaic for a crime") and the short stories collected in "Reverie" and "Lights and Shadows." After creating "Tom's Bar" and "Giuli Bai & Co.", in 1989, he was among the founders of the Parker Publishing that in addition to reprint the old episodes of the character, it produces new ones for the "Ken Parker Magazine ". The same formula is continued by Sergio Bonelli Editore until 1996; after which the series went back to the format "Bonelli", semi-annually, and it finished in January 1998. In October of that year, Berardi is author and editor of Julia, a new monthly magazine Sergio Bonelli Editore. Among the many honors he garnered are the Oesterheld Award, the Award Internacional de Barcelona Comics, the 'Haxtur' award and the Yellow Kid.

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