Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy 90th Birthday Tullio Altamura

Tullio Altamura was born on July 18, 1924 in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. After high school, during which he had been an announcer on the internal radio of the Institute, he dedicated himself to acting first as an amateur and then, starting in 1954 embarked on a professional acting career by participating in a few movies and a few Carousel commercials. In 1961 he made ​​his debut in the theater starring in “Sacco and Vanzetti” next to Gian Maria Volonte.
He took part in several television dramas, among which are still remember ‘Diary of a Master’ by Vittorio De Seta , ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘The Nineteenth Century’, both directed by Anton Giulio Majano . For television, he directed several documentaries and sociological surveys that resulted in him winning a prize at the forty-first International Film Festival of Salerno in the documentary section.
In the cinema (where he often used the pseudonym Tor Altmayer) took part in numerous so-called escapist films, including “Labbra rosse” by Giuseppe Bennati, “La lunga note del ;43” by Florestan Vancini, and “Libera, amore mio…” by Mauro Bolognini. Tullio appeared in eight Euro-westerns from “The Magnificent Three” (1961) to “Zorro in the Court of England” usually playing bankers, saloon owners and other businessmen.
Today we celebrate Tullio Altamura's 90th birthday.

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