Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy 75th Birthday Karel Gott

Karel Gott was born on July 14, 1939 in Pilsen, Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia. Gott is a Czechoslovakian singer, and an amateur painter. He is considered as the most successful male singer from the former Czechoslovakia and currently the Czech Republic; he was elected the Most Favorite Male Singer in the annual national poll Český slavík (English: Czech Nightingale) a total of thirty-eight times. He also gained widespread fame in the German-speaking countries. Karel initially wanted to study art, but failed the exams at UMPRUM, the reknown School of Industrial Art, upon which he began training as an electrician. On completing his studies, he began working as an electrician, but was soon fascinated by the new types of music flooding the city, and became interested in jazz. He experimented with playing the bass and the guitar, but eventually decided to focus on singing, studying it privately. During the 1950s, he occasionally performed as an amateur singer and often participated in competitions. His breakthrough hit was "Mesicni reka", the Czech version of "Moon River" (1962).
Karel sang “Oh Ye Gods, What a Dime Drink” in the successful 1964 Czech Euro-western “Lemonade Joe”.
Today we celebrate Karel Gott’s 75th birthday.

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