Thursday, July 24, 2014

"Cinecittà World" opens today.

Cinecitta World, the first theme park dedicated to cinema, will raise the curtain for spectators on 24th of July: it is designed by Dante Ferretti and the music is by Ennio Morricone.
The park will have the longest season in Europe: it is open 260 days a year, from 10am to 11pm, with a full ticket of entrance which gives access to all the attractions and all shows daily, 20 attractions, 8 film sets, 4 theaters, many themed restaurants.
The main entrance is a faithful reproduction of the entry of Fellini’s and Rossellini’s studios. Going into the huge mouth of the monstrous god Moloch in the film ‘Cabiria’ you will enter directly into the set of ‘Gangs of New York’ (but the original sets remain on Tuscolana). On the left here is the first water rollercoaster ‘Water Ride’. A little farther the spectacular rollercoaster Altair, one of the stars of the park with a track consisting of 10 inversions at 360 degrees with the evolutions ‘cobra roll’ and ‘corkscrew’. And then, at the back, the western village inspired by Sergio Leone’s movies, with live soundtrack music by Ennio Morricone and actors dressed as gunslingers. To the right the free-fall tower Erawan, which is 60 meters high. All around dozens of other attractions, theaters, movie sets and games for children and adults.
“Cinecittà contains world-class attractions. But what we see today is only a part of the overall project. Next year we will open an additional 75 acres of parkland dedicated to sports, nature and ecology,” said the president of “Cinecittà Spa Parks”, Emanuel Gout. “The beautiful Roman countryside will be preserved and respected.”
Visit Cinecittà World and enjoy this funny experience!
- Ennio `s Creek - City of the Frontier
You are in a border village, the railroad has not yet arrived and the only law is the sound of guns. The beautiful saloon attracts many strangers passing by. The inevitable argument occurs: someone turns over the table after losing a game of poker. The sheriff rushes in, but his opponents are many. Too many against one. Unless you arrive in the village at the right time and join to bring a peaceful end of the story. You will be accompanied by the amazing soundtrack music of Ennio Morricone.
Four Aces Hall, The game room in the West Village is waiting for you to prove your skills with every type of themed game. Are you smart enough?
E.g. Mining Inc., Have you ever experienced the excitement of the miners of the border? Arm yourself with patience and start to scour the mine for the largest nugget which could be yours.
Heardly Bros gun shop, Experience the thrill of a real cowboy: it shows that you can become the fastest gun in the West
Far West Festival, Your skill is put to the test by these games of skill, but the prize is truly the most coveted booty!
Wild West: The fearsome Heardly Brothers Joe and Santa Ana were spotted in the city. No one can stop them, and the sheriff is left alone. The village needs a new hero wearing a gunbelt, now is your chance!
Can Can: Have you ever wondered what happens when a bit 'dizzy diva, performs on stage. Come to find out Noon Saloon in the Fire.
The Duel: What would a Western village without a good battle? Nothing. But with careless actors careless anything can happen and pretty much everything does.
An ace up its sleeve: John, the cheater is back in Ennio's Creek and is ready to show what he can do with a simple deck of cards. How many aces will he have up his sleeve?

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