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Renegade, un osso troppo duro – Italian title
You Call Me Trinity, They Call Me Renegade – Canadian title
Den, der ler sidst, ler bedst – Danish title
Renegade – French title
Renegade und der faulste Gaul der Welt – German title
Renegade – Norwegian title
O Renegade – Portuguese title
Renegado Jim – Spanish title
En grabb med os – Swedish title
They Call Me Renegade – - English title
Renegade – U.S.A. title
A 1987 Italian production [Cinecitta, Paloma Films (Rome)]
Producer: Lucio Bompani
Director: E.B. Clucher (Enzo Barboni)
Story: Marco Barboni, Sergio Donati, Terence Hill (Mario Girotti), Steven Siebert
Screenplay: Marco Barboni (Marco Barboni)
Cinematography:Alfio Contini [color]
Music: Mauro Paoluzzi
Song: “Call Me the Breeze”, “Simple Man” sung by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Song: “Rebel in the Rain”, “No Reason to Love” sung by Giorgia
Song: “Let Me Be the One” sung by Nicolette Larson
Running time: 92 minutes
Renegade/Luke Mante – Terence Hill (Mario Giroti)
Henry Lawson/Lenny Kovacs – Robert Vaughn
Matt/’The Stitcher’ – Ross Hill
Moose – Norman Bowler
Ely – Donal Hodson
Tallulha – Beatrice Palme
Melody – Lisa Ann Rubin
Rachel – Valeria Sabel
Petula – Luisa Maneri (Annaluisa Maineri)
Truckers – Cole S. McKay, Curt Bortel
Chickadee – Joe Krieg (Joseph Krieg)
Policewoman – Jannel Robinson
Rico – Matthew Uriate
Sheriff Morton – Royce Clark
Rosson – Cyrus Elias
Ryan – Moe Mosley
Joe Brown – Sandy Gibbons (Sanford Gibbonas)
Café cook – Gigi Bonos (Luigi Bonos)
Man in shop – Ennio Di Meo
Maud – Carolyn Jacobs
Mr. Mulligan – Dick Alexander (Richard Alefander)
Helicopter pilot – Ron Althoff (Ronald Althoff)
Secretary – Gaia D’Onofrio
Gas station attendant – Murray Kramer
Policeman – Bill Kanges (William Kanges)
Martin – Curtis Thomas III
Bikers – Dick Armstrong (Richard Armstrong), Dusty O’Dee
Sandy – Ron Nix (Ronals Nix)
Police sergeant - Ron Briskman (Ronald Briskman)
Man on golf course – Marco Barboni
Stuntmen: Robert Cota, Brad Fletcher, Thomas Taylor Goodman, Ron Nix (Ronald Nix), Rodd Wolff

"Renegade" Luke Mante, a drifter and petty con artist, lives a free and easy life with no responsibility travelling around the Southwestern United States in his Jeep CJ Renegade with a chestnut colt named Joe Brown. This comes to an end when and old friend, Moose, is sent to jail and makes Luke promise him he’ll look after his son until he serves his prison term. Luke becomes the legal guardian of Moose's and property and his son Matt. Both Luke and Matt are reluctant to get along with each other at first, but events quickly spin out of control forcing them to rely on each other and develop a bond.
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