Friday, February 7, 2014

Remembering José María Tasso

José María Tasso Tena was born on February 7, 1934 in Madrid, Spain. After the Spanish Civil War, in which his father died, ‘Tachuela’ as he was popularly known, along his mother had to flee to France with the other four children. Returning to Spain he began a career in the world of cinema, becoming very popular in the 1960s with supporting roles in films with Marisol and Rocio Durcal, which was highlighted by his peculiar form of a hearty blows and bangs. Tasso Participated in hit movies like “Canción de juventud”,” Tombola”, “Ha llegado un angel”, and

“La verbena de la Paloma” angel or La verbena de la Paloma”. Though his appearances on screen were little more than sporadic, he never left the world of acting. For nearly thirty years he combined his acting with running a catering establishment in La Granja de San Ildefonso, in Segovia, with a very innovative hospitality concept. At that time he participated in film with Átame and Pedro Almodóvar TV series such as ‘Brigada Central’, ‘Farmacia de Guarcia’, ‘Policías’, ‘Aladina’ and ‘Raquel busca su sitio’. Besides his work as a performer José María Tasso lavished on dubbing films and series such as cartoon such as ‘Loca academia de policía’, and the series ‘Davadavadá’. There were also numerous collaborations in musical programs, and the work he did with his cousin, Carlos Tena. In recent years the Madrid actor was very selective his appearances on screen, which he limited himself to jobs which required some of his friends, such as Luis García Berlanga. Tasso lavished himself with comic roles during his early years in film which substantially conditioned his career. He was typecast in comic roles, though he was a great actor who could have reached a much higher degree of stardom. Tasso appeared in only one Euro-western as a padre in “I Came, I Saw, I Shot” in 1968. He died after an operation for peritonitis which developed after a battle with colon cancer on February 9, 2003.
Today we remember José María Tasso on what would have been his 80th birthday.

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