Saturday, February 1, 2014

Texas Serenade

Sérénade au Texas – French title
Texas Mädel – Austrian title
Texas – Italian title
Texas Mädel – Austrian title
Texasmädel – German title
Serenata de Texas – Spanish title
Serenade of Texas – English title
Texas Serenade – English title
A 1958 French production [Jason Films (Paris)]
Producer: Suzanne Goosens
Director: Richard Pottier (Ernst Deutsch)
Story: Richard Pottier (Ernst Deutsch)
Screenplay: Richard Pottier  (Ernst Deutsch)
French Dialogue: Jean Ferry (Jean Levy)
Cinematography: Lucian Joulin [Eastmancolor
Music: Francis Lopez (Francisco Lopez)
Song: “Ma Cheris” sung by ?
Song: “Quandm j’ai trop de peine” sung by Luis Mariano (Luis Garcia), Sonia Ziemann (Alice Ziemann)
Song: “Serenade au Texas”, “Pour l’amour d’une belle” sung by Luis Mariano (Luis Garcia)
Song: “A dada,” “Les pruneaux” sung by Bourvil (Andre Raimbourg)
Running time: 98 minutes
Jacques Gardel – Luis Mariano (Luis Garcia)
Maitre Jerome Quilleboeuf – Bourvil (Andre Raimbourg)
Rose – Germaine Damar (Germaine Haeck)
Sheriff of Big Bend – René Blancard
Government Official – Robert Rocca (Robert Canavese)
Abner Dawson – Jean Pâqui (Jean-Francois de Thonel d’Orgeix)
Bill – Paul Mercey (Paul Muller)
Harry – Gil Delmare (Gilbert Chenevarin)
Police Chief – Andre Philip
Albert – Albert Michel
Denise – Micheline Gary (Christiane Guary)
Dolorès – Arlette Poirier
Roderick – Yves Deniaud
Sylvia – Sonia Ziemann (Alice Ziemann)
Clark – Miguel Gamy
Dorothy – Jacqueline Georges
Rita – Nicole Jonesco
Ben – Lucien Raimbourg
Garcon – Sylvain (Sylvain Schenkel)
Grocer – Henri Arius (Henri Bernascon)
Stuttering cowboy – Martial (Martial Fosseprez)
Commissioner - André Philip
Dancers – The Bluebell Girls
With: Liliane Bel

A French seller of music machine rolls and occasionally a singer Jacques Gardel learns from Maitre Jerome Quilleboeuf that he has inherited an oilfield located in Big Bend Texas. Disguised as showmen, Roderick and his two daughters Sylvia and Rose, help Gardel and Jerome clean up Big Bend from the terrible "Black Riders" who are controlled by the banker in Dawson City. They end up in possession of their oil inheritance and the banker and his gang are sent to jail.

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