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Il mio West - Italian title
Gunfighters Revenge - German title
Vadnyugati bosszúállók - Hungarian title
My West - English title
Gunslinger’s Revenge - U.S.A. title

A 1998 Italian production [Cecchi Gori Group, Tiger Cinematografica (Rome)]
Producers: Vittorio Cecchi Gori, Rita Cecchi Gori (Rita Rusic)
Director: Giovanni Veronesi
Story: "Yodo Cartamilli" by Vincenzo Pardini (Jodo Cartamigli)
Screenplay: Giovanni Veronesi, Leonardo Pieraccioni
Cinematography: José Luis Alcaine [Cinecitta color, widescreen]
Music: Pino Donaggio (Giuseppe Donaggio)
Song: "Everyone Want to Be" sung by Ziggy Marley (David Marley) & The Melody Makers & Wycleff (Wyclef Jean (Neltus Jean))
Running time: 110 minutes

Doc Lowen - Leonardo Pieraccioni
Johnny Lowen - Harvey Keitel
Jack Sikora - David Bowe (David Jones)
Pearl - Sandrine Holt (Sandrine Ho)
Mary - Alessia Marcuzzi)
Joshua - Jim van der Woude
Jeremiah - Yudii Mercredi
leather girl - Michelle Gomez
Rasrafarian - Kwame Kwei-Arnah (Ian Roberts)
Albino - Stephen Jenn
Mrs. Willow - Rosalind Knight
Sam Comet - Jimmy Gardener (Edward Gardner)
Mrs. Comet - Jean Heywood (Jean Murray)
lieutenant - Lorenzo Wilde
telegrapher - Sean Baker
paino player - Andrew Dunford
saloon girls - Valentina Carnelutti, Cristina Moglia
Slim - Clive Kneller
Old Grizzly - Chris John Hartz
Basin Field Mayor - Donald Hodson
Truman - James Weedon
Slim’s daughter - Giustina Morganti
Slim’s wife - Jessica James
hunter - Nicholas Hunt
bandits - Danilo Mattei, Bruce Byron
Cayus - Leonard Mountain Chief
Indian grandfather - Jimmy Herman
Indian grandmother - Wilma Pelly
with: Ottaviano Dell’Acqua

In 1860 at Basin Field, a small village situated on the slopes of the great mountains on the border with Canada. In Basin Field live Doc Lowen, the village doctor, married to the Indian Pearl and their son named Jeremiah . After twenty years Doc's father, Johnny Lowen, a famous gunslinge returns..Johnny tells of wanting to rest and to retire. Some time after arriving at the village Jack Sikora, a killer who has been chasing Johnny for years, and two henchmen come to town. Jack is determined to kill Johnny, and does everything to force his rival to accept a duel. Johnny is refuses to accept the duel so Jack kidnaps Doc's son, Mary the madam of the local saloon tries to oppose Jack but is killed by Jack. Now Johnny is more then ready for a duel, but in the end the village idiot shoots and kills Jack.

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