Thursday, June 16, 2011


Sfida a Rio Bravo - Italian title
Jennie Lee ha una nuova pistola - Italian title
Desafio en Rio Bravo - Spanish title
El sheriff del O.K. Corral - Spanish title
Duel a Rio Bravo French title
Pistoleros de Rio Grande - French title
Schnelle Colt fur Jennie Lee - German title
Duelo no Rio Bravo - Portuguese title
Mannen fran Rio Bravo - Swedish title
Duel at Rio Bravo - English title
Gunmen of the Rio Grande - U.S.A. title

A 1964 Italian, Spanish, French co-production [Flora Film, West Film (Rome), Llama Film (Madrid), SOC Nouvelle Pathe (Paris)]
Producers: Ike Zingarmann (Italo Zingarelli), Natividad ZorroDirector: Tulio Demicheli (Armando Rodruello)
Story: Chen Morrison (Chueen Morrison)
Screenplay: Tulio Demicheli (Armando Rodruello), Lionel Green, Gene Luotto (Eugenio Luotto), Chen Morrison (Chueen Morrison), Giovanni Simonelli, Natividad Zaro, Italo Znigarelli
Cinematography: Mario Capriotti, Guglielmo Mancori [Eastmancolor, Techniscope]
Music: A.F. Lavagnino (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino)
Running time: 100 minutes

Wyatt Earp/Laramie - Guy Madison (Robert Moseley)
Jeannie Lee - Madeleine Lebeau (Marie Lebeau)
Clementine Hewitt - Carolyn Davys (Crodin Davis)
Pancho Bogan - Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)
Zack ‘The Snake’ Williams - Gerard Tichy (Gerard Wondzinski)
Judge - Olivier Hussenot
Sheriff Leonardo ‘Leo’ Wynn - Massimo Serato (Giuseppe Segato)
Burton ‘Burt’ Spencer Carroll - Beni Deus (Venancio Deus)
Williams henchman - Alvaro de Luna (Alvaro Blanco), Roman Ariznavarreta
Mexican peon - Xan das Bolas (Tomas Pena)
Nino - Juan Santiago
with: Juan Majan, E. Maran (Evaristo Maran), Dario Michaels, H. Morrow (Hollis Morrow), Natividad Zaro, Pilar Vela (Maria Lorente), Claudio Scarchilli

Zac Williams will be the undisputed owner of all the mines in the area of Rio Bravo, if young Clementine is forced to sell the silver mine she inherited from her father. Williams can not tolerate the refusal of the girl and to achieve his goal using threats and violence. By means of a band of outlaws led by Mexican Pancho Bogan, he robs loads of silver from the mine, thereby forcing Clementine to borrow more and more. Jeannie Lee, owner of a local saloon, sends for an old friend Laramie, an expert gunslinger. Laramie is actually Wyatt Earp and with the help of the sheriff, who gives up alcohol for the sake of justice and Jeannie Lee, Laramy exterminates the gang of outlaws and before dying Pancho confesses that Zac is the one behind the thefts and killings.

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