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La bataille de San Sebastian - French title
Les canons de San Sebastian - French title
Los cañones de San Sebastian - Mexican title
I cannoni di San Sebastian - Italian title
Slaget ved San Sebastian - Danish title
San Sebastian tykit - Finnish title
Due Hölle von San Sebastian - German title
San Sebastian - German title
Ta kanonia tou San Sebastian - Greek title
Harc San Sebastianért - Hungarian title
Strzelby dla San Sebastian - Polish title
Os Canhões de San Sebastian - Portuguese title
Kanone vid San Sebastian - Swedish title
San Sebastian’in toplari - Turkish title
San Sebastian - U.K. title
Raging Warrior - U.S.A. title
The Guns of San Sebastian - U.S.A. title
Guns for San Sebastian - U.S.A. title

A 1967 French, Mexican, Italian co-production [Cipra Films (Paris), Ernesto Enriquez (Mexico City), Filmes Cinematografica (Rome)
Producer: Jacques Bar
Director: Henri Verneuil (Achod Malakian)
Story: "A Wall for San Sebastian" by William Barby Faherty
Screenplay: Serge Ganz (Serge Gance), Miguel Morayta (Miguel Martinez), Ennio De Concini
English Dialogue: James R. Webb
Cinematography: Armand Thirard [Metrocolor, Franscope]
Music: Ennio Morricone
Running time: 115 minutes

Léon Alastray - Anthony Quinn (Antonio Quinn)
Kinita - Anjanette Comer
Teclo - Charles Bronson (Charles Buchinsky)
Father Joseph - Sam Jaffe (Shalom Jaffe)
Felicia - Silvia Pinal (Silvia Hidalgo)
Felipe Cayetano - Jorge Martínez de Hoyos
Golden Lance - Jaime Fernández
Agueda - Rosa Furman
Vicar General - Leon Askin (Leon Aschkenasy)
Antonito - José Chávez (José Trowe)
Colonel Calleja - Ivan Desny (Ivan Desnitskij)
Governor - Fernand Gravey (Fernand Mertens)
Father Lucas - Pedro Armendáriz, Jr. (Pedro Bohr, Jr.)
Pedro - Jorge Russek
Magdalena - Aurora Clavel
Diego - Julio Aldama (Julio Turrubiates)
Luis - Ferusquilla (José Espinosa)
Kino - Pancho Córdova (Francisco Córdova)
Renaldo - Enrique Lucero    
Miguel - Chano Urueta (Santiago Rodriguez)
Captain Lopez - Noe Murayama
Timoteo - Guillermo Hernández
Bishop - Francisco Reiguera (Francisco Pérez)
Pablo - Carlos Berriochea
Pascual - Armando Acosta
villagers - Guy Fox, Rico López, Emilio Fernández (Emilio Romo), Paul Smith, Jean Paul Moulinot

Mexico, 1743. Pursued by government troops, the bandit Léon Alastray seeks sanctuary in a Franciscan church. When Father Joseph refuses to hand over Alastray to the authorities, he is banished to San Sebastian, a small village situated in Indian territory. Alastray has no choice but to accompany his benefactor, dressed in the habiliments of a monk. The two men are surprised to find the village practically deserted, most of its inhabitants having been killed or driven away by hostile Indians. After Father Joseph is shot dead by an Comanchero, Alastray takes his place and helps the remaining villagers to defend themselves against Indian attacks while also fending off Teclo and his Comancheros who are actually behind the attacks.

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