Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Una pistola per cento croci! - Italian title
Yksi ase, sata hautaa - Finnish title
Cent croix pour un pistolet - French title
Django - Eine Pistole für 100 Kreuze - German title
Haevneren - Danish title
One Gun a Hundred Graves - English title
Gunmen of Center Crossing - English title
Gunman of 100 Crosses - English title

A 1971 Italian production [Viriginia Cinematografica (Rome), Kamar (Naples)]
Producer: Oscar Santianello
Director: Lucky Moore (Carlo Croccolo)
Story: Carlo Croccolo, Fabrizio Diotallevi
Screenplay: Carlo Croccolo, Fabrizio Diotallevi
Cinematography: Franco Villa [Eastmancolor, Cinescope]
Music: Marcello Minerbi
Running time: 95 minutes

Santana/Django/Sartana - Tony Kendall (Luciano Stella)
Marianne/Jessica Dublin - Marina Mulligan (Marisa Mulligan)
Louis/Frank Dawson - Dick Palmer (Domenico Palmara)
Jenny - Monica Miguel
Thomas/Tom - Rai/Red Saunders (Raymond Saunders)
sheriff - Carlo Croccolo
with: Carlo Boso, Robert Danish (Roberto Danesi), Mirella Palmich (Mariella Palmich), Lidia Biondi

Santana is a former Southerner who wants to avenge the death of his fellow soldiers among which is Jimmy Dublin which was caused by the betrayal of their commander, Frank Dawson. Dawson actually had a henchman do the killing. Santana takes the body of Dublin to the town of Springfield, the home of Jimmy’s sister Jessica. It turns out that Jessica’s father has also been murdered by unknown killers. Jessica’s boyfriend, Louis, turns out to be Frank Dawson, the man Santana is seeking and a member of a gang led by a woman who is a master of the whip. Louis is only marrying Jessica in order to obtain her ranch which contains a gold mine. Santana is helped by Thomas the black servant of Jessica. In a gun battle with the gang Thomas is killed, but in the battle the gang’s leader is killed by Louis. Santana kills Louis the traitor and avenges the death of Jimmy and his comrades.

YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjbywuD5Zt4


  1. For what it is worth...I really like this one.
    It isn't an all-time classic; but, I found it to be highly entertaining.
    And it is probably my most favorite Western starring Kendall.

  2. i know.im rock hard when the women with whips is on