Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy 80th Birthday Rolf Losansky

Rolf Losansky was born on February 18, 1931 in Frankfurt, Germany. He is the son of painter and writer Alfred Losansky and his wife Louis who was a nurse. After Rolf attended school in Frankfurt and Krumbach he completed an apprenticeship in Frankfurt at the Workers and Peasants Faculty [1950-1953]. He could not decide on a profession and studied medicine for three semesters at Humbolt University in Berlin. As an assistant in Pioneer Park in Berlin he organized major events and festivals. He earned his degree in 1960 and became an assistant director under Frank Beyer and Günter Reisch before his film debut “Mystery of the 17" in 1963. He then contracted with DEFA Studio and turned out feature films. He became interested in making films for children with both animation and fairy tales. He directed an homage to the Gojko Mitic Indian films with his only Euro-western “The Long Ride from School” (1982). He now tours and gives lectures and seminars on film writing. Today Rolf lives in Potsdam and has two children. Today we celebrate Rolf Losansky’s 80th birthday.

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