Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy 70th Birthday Judith Dornys

Judith Dornys was born on February 21, 1941 in Budapest, Hungary. At an early age she took dance and ballet lessons. By 1959 she was the youngest prima ballerina at the Metropolitan Opera in Berlin and received the critics prize from the Association of German Critics Association. At this time she also began her film career. Most of her roles were as window dressing. She appeared in 1959 on TVs “The Gene Kelly Show” and her last appearance was in 1969's “The Viking Who Became a Bigamist”. In her ten year film career she appeared in 12 films among which was one Euro-western, 1964's “Legend of a Gunfighter” starring Thomas Fritsch and directed by Rolf Olsen. Today we celebrate Judith Dornys 70th birthday.


  1. Does anyone know what Judith is doing now ??
    Spent a lot of time in her company in the 70's.
    Would love to know how she is and what she is doing now. Believe she married someone called Roux but not sure.
    my email

  2. what are doing dear Judith ? Please give me news about you ...Thank you ! Jean Edmond !

  3. Sad news.
    Have just read on German Wikipedia that Judith died in April 1989 in Paris