Wednesday, April 15, 2009

RIP Peter Rogers

Peter Rogers, producer of the 'Carry On' film series has died at his home aged 95. Peter & his long time Director Gerald Thomas, who passed away in 1992, created what has become the most successful series of films in British cinema history. Peter produced over 31 Carry On films between 1958 & 1992 & in recent years talked of Carry On London being the next. Sadly, this last comic caper failed to raise enough interest or investment.

Close friends & colleagues from Pinewood Studios, where Peter has worked for over 50 years had been concerned about his ill health for some months. He died peacefully in his sleep at 4pm today (Tuesday)

'Carryoon' producer Ken Burns has paid tribute to Peter by saying "We've lost so many original Carry On stars over the years that constantly dilute the chance of another future Carry On comedy being produced, & now without Mr Carry On at the helm, I think its time to call it a day". Ken Burns is currently producing an animated Carry On spin-off entitled, The Carryoons. It features a host of vocal impressionists bringing Sid, Kenny, Hattie, Charlie & the rest of the team back to life in a brand new series of cartoon adventures. Peter loved this project, so we hope to make the Governor proud, says Burns.

We like to think that Peter is now happily reunited with his wife Betty Box & their loving dog Heidi. He may also be chatting to Sid, Kenny, Charlie & the team about his next film.......Carry On Heaven !

Peter lived long enough to attend the 50th anniversary of the Carry On films held at Pinewood Studios in March 2008.

Peter produced the 1965 Euro-western "Carry on Cowboy"

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  1. Sad to see Mr Rogers pass away.
    The Carry On films were of mixed quality over the years but were a true British cinema tradition.