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Una donna chiamata Apache – Italian title
Apassinainen – Finnish title
Une fille nommée Apache – French title
Apache Woman - German title
Sfagi stin hora ton Apache – Greek title
Uma mulher chamada Apache - Portuguese title
Mujer Apache – Spanish title
La hermana de Keoma – Spanish title
Una mujer llamada Apache – Spanish title
Apache-kvinnan – Swedish title
Apache Woman – English title

A 1976 Italian production [National Cinematografica/Zenith Cinematografica (Rome)]
Producer: Enzo Doria, S. Belket
Director: George McRoots (Giorgio Mariuzzo)
Strory: George McRoots (Giorgio Mariuzzo)
Screenplay: George McRoots (Giorgio Mariuzzo), Antonio Raccioppi
Cinematography: Serge Rubin (Sergio Rubini) [Eastmancolor]
Music: Budy Maglioni (Roberto Doanti, Maria Maglioni)
Song: “Apache Woman” sung by Judy Hill
Running time: 93 minutes

Tommy - Al Cliver (Pierluigi Conti)
Honest Jeremy/Geremia - Corrado Olmii
Sunsirahè - Yara Kewa (Clara Hopf)
Preacher Masters - Peter MacSing (Piero Mazzinghi)
Frankie - Roque Oppedisano (Stephan Oppedisano)
Snake - Mario Maranzana
Keith - Rick Boyd (Federico Boido)
Palmer - Henry Kalter
Indian - Nadir Brown
Sunsirahè’s brother - Raul Cabrera
Master’s daughter - Ely Galleani (Federica Galleani)
Master’s sons - FrankWarner, RobertThomas
First Sergeant - Eugen Bertil
with: Marie-France Boyer, Venantino Venantini, Carmella N. Hall (Nola Hall), Ottaviano

This film is a take-off of the American made “Soldier Blue”. A young cavalry officer named Tommy falls in love with a beautiful Apache woman named Sunsirahè after rescuing her from a gun-runner named Honest Jeremy. Jeremy and his gang pursue Tommy and Sunsirahè after the rescue and when a final showdown is filled with violence. Their also seems to be a lot of influence from the Maurizio Merli film “A Man Called Blade”.

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