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El hombre de la diligencia – Spanish title
Cerco de muerte – Spanish title
La furia degli Apaches – Italian title
Apachin Raivo - Finnish title
La furie des Apaches – French title
Furie apache – French title
Überfall auf Fort Yellowstone – German title
Apachernas vrede – Swedish title
Fury of the Apaches – English title
Ranch of the Doomed – English title
Doomed Fort – English title
Apache Fury – USA title

A 1963 Spanish, Italian co-production [Producciones Cinematografiches Algancio
(Rome), P.C. Alesanco/Four Aces (Madrid)]
Producer: Tomás Cicuender
Director: Joseph de Lacy (José Elorrieta)
Story: Edward Goodman (Eduardo Guzmán)
Screenplay: José María Elorrieta, José Luis Navarro (José Carrion)
Cinematography: Alfonso Nieva [Eastmancolor, Techniscope]
Music: Fernando García Morcillo
Running time: 105 minutes

Major Steve Loman - Frank Latimore (Frank Kline)
Judge Driscoll - George Gordon (Germán Hernandez-Cobos)
Burt - Mark Vidal (Mariano Molina)
Burt henchman - Francisco Braña
Lou/Ruth – Liza Moreno
with: Joe Punter (Jesús Alzaga), Ángel Ortiz (Ricardo Ortiz), Alfonso de la Vega,Yvonne Bastien, Nancy Torray (Nuria Resplandi), Pat Slaughter (Heriberto Serrador), Julio P. Tabernero (Julio Pérez Tabernero), Jorge Martin (Francisco Celeiro), Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell), Rufino Inglés (Rufino Garcia), Guillermo Vera, Guillermo Méndez

When a stagecoach is attacked by Apaches the passengers take refuge at a stage station. Unknown to the other passengers is the fact that Driscoll has with him a fortune secreted away with his other belongings. At the stage station is Major Steve Loman who was sent to prison by Driscoll years before so he could obtain his mining claims. The apaches continue their assault on the station. With stress mounting and tempers flaring a secret is divulged: Judge Driscoll is responsible for the death of Ruth’s first husband. The embittered passengers must put aside their differences and feelings to battle for their lives. Once the Apaches have been defeated they can again square accounts and battler each other.

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  1. I still have this on VHS, I think. Got it off the TV many years ago. Lots of familiar faces, nice music theme. Maybe two stars out of four on the SW scale.

  2. "Apachin Raivo" is the film's Finnish title, not Swedish.

  3. Thanks Smjango, correction made.