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Un autre homme, une autre chance – French title
Un homme, une femme et des fusils – French title
Uusi mies, uusi elämä – Finnish title
Un altro uomo, un’altra donna – Italian title
Ein anderer Mann, eine andere Frau – German title
Kainourgia synora – Greek title
Kolejny mężczyzna, kolejna kobieta – Polish title
Otro hombre, otra mujer – Spanish title
Emigranterna – Swedish title
Another Man, Another Woman – U.K. title
Another Man, Another Chance – English title

A 1977 French production [Les Films Ariane/ Les Film 13/Les Films Productions
Artistes Associés (Paris)]
Producers: Alexandre Mnouchkine, Georges Dancigers
Director: Claude Lelouch
Screenplay: Claude Lelouch
Cinematography: Jacques Lefrançois, Stanley Cortez (Stanislaus Kranz) [color by
Music: Francis Lai
Song: “La complainte du nouveau monde” sung by Jacques Higelin
Running time: 138 minutes

David Williams - James Caan
Jeanne Leroy - Geneviève Bujold
Francis Leroy - Francis Huster
Mary Williams - Jennifer Warren
Debbie/Alice - Susan Tyrrell
Simon Williams - Rossie Harris
Sarah Leroy - Linda Lee Lyons
Mary’s mother - Diana Douglas (Diana Dill)
Mary’s father - Fred Stuthman
Springfield - Bernard Behrens
Evans - Oliver Clark (Richard Msrdirosian)
telegrapher - William S. Bartman
Sheriff Jake Murphy - Burton Gilliam
Don - Bill Fransworth (Richard Farnsworth)
Foster - Walter Barnes
Mr. Roberts - Jerry Brown
Mrs. Roberts - Charlcie Garrett
H. P. Evetts - John Roberts
Bill - Walter Scott, Jr.
hanged man #1 - Rock A. Walker
hanged man #2 - Mike H. McGaughy
loser in saloon - John Megna
winner in saloon - Monty Laird
street singers - Pierre Barough, Phillipe Duval, Jacques Higelin
Francis’ friend - Simon Eine
Jeanne’s father - Jean François Rémi
customer - Jacques Villeret
preacher - Jack Ging
Sheriff Carter - George Flaherty
wagon master - Rance Howard
wagon train preacher - Dick Armstrong
store owner - Charles Knapp
man in town - Duke Fishman (Leo Fishman)
woman in town - Jeannie Barton
Miller - Milton Selzer
blacksmith - Robert Tessier
1st bandit - Michael Berryman
2nd bandit - Lennie Geer (Leonard Geer)
3rd bandit - Charles Horvath
wounded man - Dominic Barto
Jesse James - Christopher Lloyd
Billy the Kid - Tony Crupi
rancher #1 - Tiny Wells
rancher #2 - Pat O’Connor
train traveler - Vincent Schiavelli
old timer in bath - Ken Johnson
Mexican widow - Alma Beltran
Stevens - Scott Walker
hotel clerk - Jeffrey Chayette
veterinarian - Charles Young
bank director - Donn Starr
Sheriff Gibson - Stephen Blood
Sheriff Borden - Gene Earl
race judge - Aram Chorbanian
man - Jeff Ramsey
hanging preacher - William A. Walker
Atlantic telegrapher - Les Hohler
the friend - Jerry Cipperley
the bandman Don Davis (Donald Davis)

France 1870: Napoleon III has just lost the war against Prussia and left the country in poverty. Young Jeanne falls in love with photographer Francis, who soon takes her with him when he imigrates to America. In a small western town they build a photography shop. Meanwhile a veterinarian, David lives on a small farm together with his unhappy wife. It takes years and two tragedies to unite Jeanne and David. She has already decided to return to France as soon as possible, but then silently and carefully they fall in love for the second time in their lives. Great cast but very artsy and overly long in the story telling.

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