Thursday, November 2, 2023

“Savage Land”


Savage Land – International title


A 1980 Swedish film production [Cassandra Film (Stockholm)]

Producers: Anna Eidem, Dan Ying, Verner Hemmingsen

Director: Dan Ying

Story: Dan Ying

Screenplay: Dan Ying

Cinematography: Dan Ying, Dick Ying, Staffan Segrell [color, sepiatone]


Running time: 73 minutes



John Peterson - Stefan Kumberg

Mary-Anne - Britt-Marie Gustafsson

Frank Murphy - Thomas Flodin

Billy Murphy – Thore Andersson

Jake Murphy – Jonas Petersson

Rick Murphy – Håkan Freij

Vernon Murphy - Verner Hemmingsen

Bob Morgan – Arne Liljenberg

Ben Morgan – Håkan Jörgensen

Annie Johnson – Ann Andersson

Martin Peterson – Janeric Johansson

Ingrid Peterson – Lotta Bäckman

Margret Peterson – Marianne Ynghagen

Farmer – Uno “Kristinastugan”

Preacher – Rolf Andersson

Sioux Indian – Dan Ying

Marshal – Lars Fick

Deputies – Alf Bjurenklint, Colt Calle, “Illern”

Murphy’s men – Lars Staffas, Kenth Kvammen, Tom Ynghagen, Rhett Sanborn, Sven Frantzén, Björn Björklund, Lars Bergström, Rolf Dahlgren, Robert Brunner

Wagon driver – Lennart Thor

Young men on wagon – Patrik Andersson, Bengt Hägg

Bartender – Folke Hansen


In Minnesota, 1865. At the end of the Civil War, a band of ex-confederate soldiers have, after getting hold of a shipment of rifles and killing the four men guarding the cargo, split up after a dispute. The two brothers Bob and Ben Morgan who killed the gang leader's brother Jake Murphy are pursued by the militia and are surrounded in a cabin where Ben Morgan is shot dead, and Bob Morgan is severely injured. Bob Morgan takes refuge with a Nordic settler family. The son, John Peterson, rides to the nearest town to get a doctor who can help Morgan who is telling the family about his pursuers. Frank Murphy and his gang find Bob Morgan at the Peterson family farm and kill him and massacre the family before burning down their house. When John Peterson returns with the Doctor, he finds his dead family and decides to take up the hunt for the perpetrators and take revenge on them.

YouTube Film link: Savage Land | WESTERN MOVIE - YouTube 

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