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Bud Spencer & Terence Hill: How Their Only Christmas Movie Was Born

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By Aaron Ozrovitz

February 18, 2023

Bud Spencer and his good friend Terence Hill have long been stars of Italian comedy cinema. Her spanking ensemble cheered a whole generation of viewers. But in the ’80s, viewership dwindled, and so in 1985 “The Miami Cops” was their last joint appearance to date – for nine years. After that, they stood together in front of the camera again and ended their careers in an interesting way.

Because their last movie together was a Western comedy, exactly the kind of genre the two started out in movies like “The Devil’s Right and Left Hand”. It was released in Italian cinemas in 1994 under the title “Troublemakers”. And it’s not only the iconic duo’s final film, but it’s also brought about a career change for both, because “Troublemakerss” is both a Western parody and a Christmas movie – the movie. The duo’s only Christmas, therefore, is shown as a regular special on the holiday show.

Despite the disappointing results “The Miami Cops” achieved in theaters, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, who were also very good friends, wanted to continue working together. But they couldn’t agree on the genre of the movie. Spencer wants to make a movie based on the novel “Don Quixote”. On the other hand, Hill wanted a Western – but has been involved in projects for a long time through the production of “Lucky Luke” and related series.

In the end, Spencer was convinced when it was announced that the far west would be set around Christmas and thus once again entering a new thematic realm. In the end, it was Spencer and Hill’s son who brought the two stars back together: Jess Hill, Hill’s son, wrote the screenplay for “Troublemakers”, Spencer’s son Giuseppe Pedersoli took over the production. export. Incidentally, Terence Hill directed it himself.

Troublemakers: Christmas with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill

In “Troublemakers”, the Wild West is in its final stages. Brothers Travis (Terence Hill) and Moses (Bud Spencer) have been at odds for years. Travis is a lively, approachable person with a generous tongue. Moses worked as a bounty hunter to feed his ten children. To reunite her sons’ husbands, their mother (Ruth Buzzi) devises a ruse and claims that the deceased father has left them a treasure they only have to pick up on Christmas Eve.

By the way, in America the movie is called “The Night/Fight before Christmas”.

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