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Little Known Spaghetti Western Actors ~ María José Alfonso

 These daily posts will cover little known actors or people that have appeared in more recent films and TV series. Various degrees of information that I was able to find will be gven and anything that you can add would be appreciated.

María José Alfonso Mingo was born on March 17, 1940, in Madrid, Madrid, Spain. After studying Dramatic Arts she debuted in the theater with the play “La fierecilla domada”, starring Fernando Fernán Gómez and Analía Gadé. Shortly aftewardsr, she began in the cinema with “Vuelve San Valentín” (1962), by Fernando Palacios. Titles such as La gran familia (1962) or La niña de luto (1963), by Manuel Summers, would follow, which makes her a relevant budding actress of Spanish cinema of the moment.

 In the following years she developed her work as an actress in film, theater and television. As a film actress she combines prestigious titles, such as “Con el viento solano” (1965), by Mario Camus, “El cielo abierto” (2001), by Miguel Albaladejo with inconsequential comedies, such as “Manolo la nuit” (1973), by Mariano Ozores and “La familia, bien gracias” (1979), by Pedro Masó.

María has been married to producer Francisco Molero since 1965.

In all Alfonso appeared in over 100 films and TV appearances and semi-active today. Her only Spaghetti western appearance was as Manuela de la Riva in 1965’s “Behind the Mask of Zorro” starring Tony Russel.

ALFONSO, María José (aka Maria Alfonso, Maria Jose Alfonso, Mª Jose Alfonso, Mª José Alfonso, Maria Jose-Alfonso) (María José Alfonso Mingo) [3/17/1940, Madrid, Madrid, Spain –     ] – theater, film, radio, TV, voice actress, married to producer, production manager Francisco Molero (1965-    ).

Behind the Mask of Zorro – 1965 (Manuela de la Riva)

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