Monday, March 27, 2023

European Comic Books – Albo Serie Classico West


Albo Series Classic West

This comic book series of at least 3 similar issues the publisher/distributor put on the market in the mid-1960s, without numbers or dates, declaring them non-periodicals similar to other editions and distributed under the DNP brand which reproduce some titles from the ALBI 2000 series (Fumetti Publishing, 1958). Images were drawn by Nestore Corti.

The comic book series was published in1962 with issue #1 being released in January and ended with #3 in March of that year. It was published by DNP in Milan, Italy under the direction of Gianmarcp Ordis. Each issue contained 96 black and white pages with color covers.


01 (00.00.62) - "Gli eroi del West", "L'assalto alla diligenza" ("The Heroes of the West", "The Assault on the Stagecoach"

02 (00.00.62) - "La morte nella prateria", "Agguato alle rocce rosse!" ("Death on the Prairie", "Ambush the Red Rocks!")

03 (00.00.62) - "S.O.S. Polizia", "Il covo dei banditi" ("S.O.S. Police", "The Den of Bandits")

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