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European Comic Books – Albi Raid


Albi Raid

This comic book series contains the adventures of different themes (western, war, fantasy) written, drawn and published by Pini Segna. In each issue a complete episode. In the appendix to #6/8 reissue of The Little Wolves. Announced, but never published, the #9 The Man of the Past, which is then published in Kansas-Jack of the Series Albo K2 (1954). #5 and #6 have the same title and the same cover.

The series was published in 1952 with issue #1 released on April 11, 1952 and ending with issue #8 on December 31, 1952. It was published in Milan, Italy by Pin Segna Publishing under the direction of Pini Segna. Each issue contained 16 black and white pages with color covers.


01 (04.11.52) - “La mia vita per la legge” (My Life for the Law)

02 (11.11.52) - “Gladius il re degli schiavi” (Gladius the King of the Slaves)

03 (18.11.52) - “Gli uomini squalo” (The Shark Men)

04 (25.11.52) - “Grise Ors l’indomabile del Kansas” (Grise Ors the Indomitable of Kansas)

05 (02.12.52) - “Il ritorno dei piccoli lupi” (The Return of the Little Wolves)

06 (09.12.52) - “Il ritorno dei piccoli lupi” (The Return of the Little Wolves)

07 (24.12.52) - “I due ribelli” (The Two Rebels)

08 (31.12.52) - “Il superstite della legione” (The Survivor of the Legion)

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