Tuesday, March 14, 2023

A star on the Walk of Fame for Giancarlo Giannini


A new star shines on the sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard: it is the one dedicated to the Italian actor, dubber and screenwriter Giancarlo Giannini. At 80 years old and visibly excited, the performer discovered the iconic tile with the red star on which his name is engraved in brass letters in Los Angeles.

"I am very happy: this star will shine in the sky from today. I thank Hollywood, where I am much loved, perhaps more than in Italy - said the actor - I dedicate it to Lina (Wertmüller), who looks at me from above and waits for me. Maybe we'll make other films together up there, even more beautiful."

The ceremony was also attended by producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Gregg Wilson, who wanted him in two chapters of their James Bond saga: Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

"You deserve this star, Giancarlo, the kind of charming, handsome, sexy man you are!" said Wilson, as Broccoli held his hand on the actor's shoulder. The Deputy Minister of Culture Lucia Borgonzoni also arrived from Rome: "A pride for all of Italy is an opportunity to remind ourselves how much we are worth in the world. For me he is an incredible interpreter, but I love his voice above all". Borgonzoni is also on a tour of the studios to attract U.S. productions to Italy.

The producer Tiziana Rocca, director of the Filming festival Italy Los Angeles, was one of the champions of the candidacy of the Italian actor at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce that every year chooses who to grant this famous honor. "It's a dream come true. Giancarlo is not an actor, he is a myth."

The new tile is located at number 6361 of the famous avenue, a few steps from the intersection with Vine Street, where starting from the '20s, the first Studios of the golden age of Hollywood opened. This is the star number 2,752, the sixteenth that is dedicated to an Italian artist, but only the second for a male actor. Before Giannini, they had granted it only to Rudolph Valentino, in 1960: "He for silent cinema, I for sound. It seems to me a wonderful combination!", laughs the actor speaking to ANSA.

[Giancarlo Giannini starred in the Eurowestern “Blood Red” in 1988.]

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