Monday, March 27, 2023

New German/Spanish Western short “McBains Revenge”


McBains Revenge – English title


A 2022 German short film production [D.E.D. Independent Film ( ), Sweetwater Production Tabernas (Tabernas)]

Producer: Dirk Roche, John Hutchins, Janine Hutchins, Martina Mazanti

Director: Dirk Roche, John Hutchins

Story: Dirk Roche, John Hutchins

Screenplay: Dirk Roche, John Hutchins

Cinematography: Roberto Gardenzio, Martina Mazanti [color]

Music: Chris Keller, Marc Beasley, Alex Dew, Felipe Adorno Vassao, DireBeats,

     William Philipson, Marco Corvatta, Ron Bohn, Matthew Creid, Jari Peltola

Running time: 30 minutes



Scorpio - Dirk Roche (Derk Roche)

Kathy McBain - Janine Hutchins

Jim McBain - John Hutchins

Sheriff Smithy – David Hubbard


Jim McBain and his wife live on a run down farm where nothing ever grows.  One day lo and behold a small shoot appears, but so does an injured man and things are about to change.


You Tube entire film link:

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