Monday, March 6, 2023

European Comic Books – Albo Gigante


Albo Gigante 

This comic book series contains small volumes without cover dates and numbering, published in 1956 in Rome by Casa Editrice Gioggi under the direction of G. Gioggi.  which collected some issues of the series which came out as a supplement. Five titles are found: the first two supplements to The Axes of Audacity #8, #9, the third to Gianneto #7, the fourth to Celebri Heroes of Adventure #18 and the fifth to Pulcinella #4. Each issue contained 56 black and white pages with color covers.


01 (00.00.56) - “La maschera del giustiziere” (The Mask of the Avenger)

02 (00.00.56) - “La corsa del buonumore” (The Good Mood Race)

03 (00.00.56) - “Ore liete” (Happy Hours)

04 (00.00.56) - “Il pirata dell’isola rossa” (The Pirate of Red Island)

05 (00.00.56) - “Donato il ribelle” (Donato the Rebel)

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