Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Who Are Those Guys? ~ A. E. Coleby

A.E. Coleby was born in Southwark, London, England on April 5, 1876. Coleby was a former race-course bookie, a tough burly gent with a sense of humor. After listing his work in the Kinematograph Year Book, he concluded the entry, ‘also a good comedian’. He became active in films starting in 1907 and directed mediocre action pictures, in which he often appeared. In all, he directed, sometimes wrote and often appeared in over 700 films, primarily shorts, between 1907 and 1930. Among which are “Call of the Road” (1920), which marked the debut of Victor McLaglen, and the immensely long and tedious “The Prodigal Son” (1923), shot on location in Iceland. Companies with which Coleby was associated with are Cricks & Martin, Pathe, I.E. Davidson and STOLL. He left the last in 1924 and formed the FHC Company at Esher with R.H. Cricks

Coleby died in London, England on July 15, 1930. He was only 54 years old.

COLEBY, A.E. [4/5/1876, Southwark, London, England, U.K. – 7/15/1930, London, England, U.K.] – producer, director, wrtier, actor, co-founded R.H. Cricks productions [1924].
A Fight for Honour – 1908 (rancher)
A Rake’s Romance – 1909
Twixt Red Man and White – 1910 (trapper)

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