Monday, April 27, 2020

European Western Comic Books ~ Albo Gigante Prateria

Albo Gigante Prateria was a comic book based about several super heroes published as a single non-periodical number, but at least 18 issues come out. The books do not carry any cover dates and present recycled adventures already published in the Wonderful Adventures series of the
comic book publisher, the ALBI CONDOR by the Cecchini publisher and the ALBI GRANDVENT AVVENTURE of the Ariete Editions. Among the characters are CAPITAN WEST and DIK SAETTA by Gianmark and Gino Cossio, KIMMI by Rory Arnold (Arnaldo Rosin), ROGER FALCO by Enzo Carretti, SILVANA (from JUMBO COMICS by De Leo), GORDON SCHOTT by Annibale Casabianca, RICK CHEYENNE by Pini Segna, CORRAL KID. Also adventures of THE LONE RANGER and reprints of various materials designed by Pini Segna, Annibale Casabianca and Leone Cimpellin. Similar material is also found in the similar ALBO TEXAS. The covers are by Gino Cossio and R. Capredoni. From #14 there are covers from previous issues. A selection of this edition, with identical covers but with fewer pages, was published for the envelope circuit under the generic wording of COSMO NECKLACE SUPPLEMENT.

The first issue was published in 1963 and ended with #18 in 1964. It was published by DNP National Distribution Periodicals in Milan, Italy. Each issue contained 96 black and white pages with colored covers.

01 (00.00.63) - “Ombre rosse" (Red Shadows)
02 (00.00.00) - “L'ultima sfida" (The Last Challenge)
03 (00.00.00) - “La notte maledetta” (The Cursed Night)
04 (00.00.00) - “Sentiero di guerra” (Path of War)
05 (00.00.00) - “Apaches” (Apaches)
06 (00.00.00) - “Capitan West” (Captain West)
07 (00.00.00) - "Tomahawk” (Tomahawk)
08 (00.00.00) - "Gli ultimi eroi" (The Last Heroes)
09 (00.00.00) - “Il covo dei banditi” (The Den of Bandits)
10 (00.00.00) - “La morte attende” (Death Awaits)
11 (00.00.00) - "Jesse James" (Jesse James)
12 (00.00.00) - “La spia del forte” (The Spy of the Fort)
13 (00.00.00) - “Sangue nella polvere...” (Blood in the Dust)
14 (00.00.00) - “Fiamme all’Ovest” (Flames of the West)
15 (00.00.00) - “La vendetta degli Cheyennes” (Revenge of the Cheyenne)
16 (00.00.00) - “Il pistolero di Oklahoma” (The Oklahoma Gunslinger)
17 (00.00.00) - “I ribelli del Texas” (The Texas Rebels)
18 (00.00.64) - “Sud carica!!!” (Charge of the South!)

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