Sunday, September 22, 2019

Who Are Those Compsers? ~ Angelo Michajlov

Angelo Michajlov was born Angel Ivanov Mikhailov on October 4, 1939 in Sofia, Bulgaria into a family of opera singers. After graduating from a French grammar school, he moved from Bulgaria to Prague, where he studied at the Conservatory and the Academy of Performing Arts. He is the author of many songs by well-known Czech singers such as Marta Kubisova, Vaclav Neckar, Helena Vondrackova, Karel Cernoch, Karel Gott and others. He has written music for many films, such as “Saxana for The Girl on the Broomstick”. His music also includes the melodies of the films “The Octopuses from the 2nd floor”, TV’s “Lucie the Menace of the Street”, Golden Hair”, “Monkeys Playtime”. Michajlov suddenly died at his cottage in Valkerice by Decín, Czech Republic on July 7, 1998.

As Angelo Michajlov he composed the score for the 1965 Czechoslovakian western “Úkryt cerného Billa”.

MICHAJLOV, Angelo (aka Angel Mihailov) (Angel Ivanov Michajlov) [10/4/1939, Sofia, Bulgaria – 7/7/1998, Valkerice by Decín, Czech Republic] – composer, songwriter, actor.
Úkryt cerného Billa – 1965

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