Sunday, July 10, 2016

New Book Release

The Quick, the Dead and the Revived: The Many Lives of the Western Film
Author: Joseph Maddrey
Publisher: McFarland
Pages: 204
Photos: 68
Appendix, notes, bibliography, index
Softcover (7 x 10) 2016
Available June 6, 2016

For well more than a century, Western films have embodied the United States’ most fundamental doctrine—expansionism—and depicted, in a uniquely American way, the archetypal battle between good and evil. Westerns also depict a country defined and re-defined by complex crises. World War II transformed the genre as well as the nation’s identity. Since then, Hollywood filmmakers have been fighting America’s ideological wars onscreen by translating modern-day politics into the timeless mythology of the Old West. This book surveys the most iconic and influential Westerns, examines Hollywood stars and their political stripes and reveals the familiar Westerns tropes—which became elements in popular action, science fiction and horror films. This then sets the stage for the Western revival of the 1990s and a period of reinvention in the 21st century.

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